Bocas del Toro

Overseer of His Covenant Ministries

His Covenant Ministries Foundation

a corporation sole

a private interest foundation

Founded: Nevada, USA 2003

Founded: Chiriqui, Panama 2020


     The aims of the Ministries are welfare, administration, conservation, investment and disposal of assets, with a view to the distribution of capital and profits to the beneficiaries designated in the Regulations.

     The Ministries may invest its assets, bonds and securities of all kinds, movable and immovable property, hold acts, contracts, legal businesses that are convenient or necessary to fulfill its purposes that are not contrary to the law, morality, good customs or to public order.

     The Ministries may create Health Centers anywhere in the world, Promote new technologies in clean energy, medicinal and alternative treatments, Import and Export; Technological, Medicinal, Religious and Humanitarian Matters. Organize congresses for research and development in the fields of Clean Energy, Medicine, Biology, Psychology and Alternative Treatments.

     The Ministries will not carry out business activities regularly and continuously. Such activities may be carried out accidentally and for the sole purpose of achieving the purposes of the Foundation.

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